August 04, 2010


Hello and welcome to our family blog!  I plan on posting our many adventures and daily life here so go ahead and bookmark this now so you won't forget us. :)  Check out The Family page to know who we are.  I want to have a place to document our lives because as everyone knows, it goes by so fast.  I want to try to remember where we were in that moment.  Especially with a baby girl growing up so fast!!  I'm getting ready to break into the photography world so expect to hear a lot about that.  And then the ever popular subject of loosing wight, humph.  Yes, we plan on doing that too!  Maybe having this will force us since other people will be reading about it (yikes!!).  I (Kristen) will be the primary writer here, maybe I can talk my husband into putting in a few posts here and there. ;)  I'll leave you with the prettiest thing I ever did see:

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  1. OMG, love this! Your family is so precious!