April 30, 2011

Accidents and Easter

I think I'm ready for April to be over now.  This has been a trying month!  On Thursday, April 21st, I had a pretty bad car accident.  I am NOT a morning person.  Nobody in our house is, even Claire hates getting up early.  (It's pretty perfect when your infant sleeps in!!)  So the work week morning routines are pretty torturous for me.  I despise getting up when it's still dark and rushing to get ready.  On this particular week Claire had some trouble actually going to sleep so we pulled some late nights.  I was extra tired.  That morning I had already dropped her off and was a little over half way to work when BAM, accident happened.  I had apparently fell asleep.  I woke up in enough time to see the truck stopped in front of my so I slammed on my brakes and swerved to the empty lane beside us.  It just wasn't enough.  I clipped the back end of the truck and my car flipped over two lanes until it finally came to a stop back on it's tires.  Thank God there were no serious injuries.  Not even to me.  I have a burn on my arm from the airbag dust and my back/neck were really strained but that was it.  Ford's safety features are AMAZING.  I can't even describe how bad I feel about being the responsible one.  The other people were just minding their own business and then I came out of nowhere.  My car is totaled.  The car that I was planning on driving until the wheels popped off.  I was hoping that would be many, many years from now.  Now I have the joy of paying off the remaining amount on the loan (that insuranse didn't cover) and then going on a car search.  Thankfully Shawn works in the car business and I won't have to personally go through all that red tape. 

It's been over a week now so I'm recovering physically and mentally.  Driving through the same intersection a few days later was pretty intense.  I handle things differently than most people so it's hard to explain exactly how I feel or how I'm handling things.  I'm pretty good at picking myself up, brushing bad things off and moving forward though.  That's what I'm focused on now.  Life goes on and I have alot of good things to look forward to.  This however, is my precious car.  I will miss it so much.  The first car that I was 100% satisfied with and loved.  *sniff, sniff*

Easter turned out to be a GORGEOUS day!  I still wasn't feeling the best so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted but I always get something good with a beautiful girl around. :)  Spending the day celebrating our Lord's resurection with family is the perfect day.

Next week is my 25th (gasp) birthday so we are headed to the Beach and then onto Williamsburg for a mini-vacay.  Can't wait!!!

April 15, 2011

I Spy...

I have become a HUGE fan of Little Miss Momma's blog, thanks to a wonderful reference from my awesome cuz Beth.  I love seeing all of her crafty designs and finds.  Thankfully there are people out there who can blog about them and tell me where to buy everything since I am just not crafty.  However her I Spy series is something that I love to see and is something I'm actually good at, taking pictures of the things *I* Spy!  This week's theme was My Neighborhood.  I don't live in the typical American neighborhood but I enjoy having so much space to enjoy just by ourselves.  I do wish we had a nice street for afternoon walks though.  Right now the long driveway will have to do!  So, this is what I spied in my yard tonight:

 My Tulips blooming
 My happy baby girl!!
 Welcome to our house

 Rock Collecting
 Olivia watching over everything
 Mr. Cooper
 New Maple leaves as the sun goes down