December 13, 2010

Lights and Snow

With the Christmas season now here we're getting out and about to all of our usual traditions!  Several years ago our little town started doing a parade of lights.  It's at night and all of the floats are decorated with Christmas lights, it's so neat.

In true ME fashion, I was late.  It was a Saturday so Shawn was working, I was at home all day and the parade started at 6pm.  Plenty of time to get ready, right??  Not for this procrastinating ADD girl.  My parents had a plumbing emergency so I flew by my parent's house to pick up my mom and then went as fast as we could to get to the parade and meet Natalie and her boys!  I was so afraid I'd end up missing the entire thing.  Little did I know they had over 70 entries!  That's a huge parade, especially for our little town.  It was so nice to see this Christmas tradition take off so well and have so many people getting involved.  I watched the parade for 45 minutes even with being 15 minutes late, woo!!  It was FA-REEEZING cold and was actually starting to snow.  Claire loved all of the lights and just stared mesmerized at most of it.  Toward the end of the parade she started pointing and jabbering like usual.  Ethan was so excited to realize that candy is thrown at parade's.  All of our coat pockets were filled to the brim with candy.  Eric was happy when he finally got a sucker. :)

After the parade, Claire and I met Daddy for dinner.  When we came out the snow had picked up enough that the ground and cars were white!!  We were so excited and Claire loved it, she kept pointing at the snow and laughing.  I love this time of year!!  Well, until New Year's, then I want summer!!