August 12, 2010


Claire has been teething over the past 2 months.  As every mother knows that is not a very fun process.  Of course we don't get much sleep but they are miserable until those sharp teeth finally poke through swollen and sore gums.

This morning she was awake around 5am.  She went down at 9:30pm so I was happy she slept that long.  As I was holding her half awake and doing the now familiar routine of making her bottle I woke up enough to really look at her.  The last time we were doing this routine on a nightly basis she was a tiny infant.  A tiny infant who didn't know that mommy was working as fast as she could to get that bottle ready and in her mouth.  While she never was a screamer, but would whimper and squirm until that bottle hit her mouth.  

But this morning at 5am, my now 10 month old was watching me without making a sound.  Her hair is long enough to have "bed head" now and she had the same glassy-eyed look on her face as I did.  The one that says "I do NOT want to be awake yet!".  She know knows that once I screw the nipple back on, put the cap on and start to shake that the bottle is ready.  She starts reaching for it once she hears me shake it the first time. We know each other now.  We aren't the same tiny infant and brand new mommy who are both trying to figure out what we need to do and who are both secretly a little scared of what the other is going to do.  We are now the best of buddies.  She knows that I will get her what she needs and I know what she needs without even really thinking about it. 

I walked over to the same chair we always sit in, grabbed her blankie and cuddled until her bottle was done.  She then reached for her pacifier, rolled back into me and went straight to sleep.  

This familiar routine will be one of the things I miss the most after it's done.

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