August 21, 2010

Mommy Makeover Time

I have never been the most fashionable person.

That doesn't mean that I belong in a "What Not to Wear" episode either though.  When I was a teenager I was typically into the current teenage fashions and for the time I did pretty well at fitting in and staying current.  Of course they were the current TEENAGE fashions so looking back they weren't good.  I enjoyed shopping as an adult and get a serious high every time I make a significant purchase, doesn't matter if it's in person or on-line.  I love it.   I was always one of those people who said I would neeevvvveerrrrr have the look of the stressed out, overly tired mom once I became a mom.

But, then I actually became a mom.

I can personally attest that the exhausted mom look is really all you can do in those first 6 months or even further.  Wash my hair everyday?  Is that a joke??  I slept 15 minutes past the absolute latest time I could get up and make it to work on time.  Something appears on my pants...."What is THAT???".  After inspection it appears to be a mixture of spit-up and Gerber peaches. Ca-raaaaaap. At that point I should get back out of the car, go in the house and change, but I'm now 30 minutes late.  *think, think, think* AHA!  BABY WIPES!!  They work miracles, I plan on carrying them around with me forever now, even when all of my children have gray hair.  After scrubbing all I can with the baby wipe the huge wet spot on my pants looks way better than what was previously there so that is considered my small victory for the day.  This kind of routine has been more common than not lately in my life!'s time for a Mommy make-over!

Nothing drastic of course.  I burned through ebay 2 weeks ago and Claire is pretty set on clothes for the rest of the summer and beginning of fall so now I'm turning my attention on getting myself a few new things.  I haven't been shopping for myself in quite a while.  I've bought a few things here and there but that just doesn't count. :)  While in Target the other night I spotted both of these:
 So, naturally, I had my lovely husband buy them for me!  The only jewelry I've been wearing daily lately are my wedding rings so it was nice to wear something new and different.  You don't realize how something as small as a new pair of earrings can make you feel so much better.  So this is my public reminder to myself to take the time to do something nice for yourself every now and then!

Just a tip:  If I've been up really late at night with a teething baby I'll take a bath right after she goes to sleep.  The warm water relaxes me and I usually fall asleep for a few minutes.  (Multi-tasking!)  Then I put my hair up so it will still be wet enough to style properly the next morning. :)

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