January 31, 2011

Vacation fever

January is hands down the longest month out of the 12.  It's right after Christmas, 31 days and COLD!  We've dodged just about every snow storm this year and watching snow is the only real fun part of winter.  It's been a pretty ugly January here in Virginia.  This week we finally had some snow though!  We got a little over 3 inches at our house.

So after the snow had been around a few days and started looking slushy and gross we all came down with the WORST case of Vacation fever!  It is a horrible thing to go through in the middle of winter.  We're currently looking and planning away but knowing that whatever we do will be months away is depressing sometimes.  I'm addicted to watching almost everything on the Travel Channel and even watched some of our old cruise home videos this weekend. *sniff, sniff* It's like I could almost feel the warm sun on our skin!  With all the talk of warm weather Claire and I decided to just take a quick trip to Hawaii!  Isn't she the cutest hula girl you ever saw?? :)

 Getting flirty now!
 Cuteness overload

And I was finally able to get most of her hair into a ponytail!

January 15, 2011

Sick Day

Our internet modem is broken. :( It's a very, very sad thing!  I'm having a heck of a time trying to get a new one so I'll post what I can, when I can!  2 weeks ago I spent a rare sick day at hom with Miss Claire.  Rare because she is hardly ever sick.  Here's how we spent our day:

Learing to climb into chairs all by herself
Taking naps
And playing with Abbey!

Of course the week after this I got SO SICK.  4 days off work laying around miserable.  There are no pictures of those sick days!!  I'm still sick but slowly starting to get over it.  Shawn also had a bug for a few days, we were quite the sick house!  Is is spring yet??