November 07, 2011

Week #1 Down

Bedrest week number 1 down!  My big goal is to get to 34 weeks so I'm happy to be another weeek closer to that.  One week into bedrest I've settled into what to expect.  Which is good and bad.  I'm getting my routine's down and slowly getting everything I need here.  But nothing is "new" anymore and I miss Claire more than I thought possible.  I look forward to her visit's and daily Skype sessions but nothing replaces actually being with her.

To give you an idea of my typical day this is the routine:
6am- Medicine
8-9am- Breakfast arrives, Shawn leaves for work
7am-9am- Doctor makes rounds
12noon- Lunch arrives, more medicine
4pm-6pm-Dinner arrives
8:30pm- Shawn gets here from work with a snack
Midnight- Medicine and ambien then off to sleep.

Of course they are checking my blood pressure and reflexes every 4 hours so I see the nurses plenty. 

Right now my blood pressures are holding steady and my 24 hour urine tests are still in the mild range.  All good news!!  Here's to another 3 weeks of status quo. :)

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