September 02, 2010

From Flab to Fab


As I said in the first post we are working on loosing weight and getting fit.  It seems to be the constant struggle of many people and someone is always trying something new.  We've heard alot of good things about the P90X work-out program so we finally bought it!  It's a more intense program so we're easing ourselves into it.  They have several different plans you can do with the DVD's.  We're both going with the Lean program now then going to the main plan.  The lean program is more focused to loosing weight instead of just toning muscle.  Exactly what we need!  We're also doing a work-out every other day instead of every single day.  You can't just go from couch potato to that overnight!! :)

So far I've done 2 work-outs and I really like them.  My whole body feels like I've worked out when I'm done and it really gets you sweating.

We've taken some before pictures and need to take measurements.  However, I don't plan on posting those here, lol!!  At least not right now, maybe when we have some "after" pics!

After a little less than a week of eating better and working out I already feel so much better!

Claire sits in her highchair or pack-n-play and watches me while I do the work-outs.  The first time she kept laughing at me, you know you look ridiculous when your 11 month old can't stop laughing at you!! ROFL! 

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